5 Places To Enjoy our RTD's

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Cocktails in a can have enjoyed a glow up in recent years. Ever since the Hot Priest in Fleabag cracked open his can of G&T in season 2 of the now-iconic TV series, we’ve seen a spike in both the quality and availability of gin in a tin. Bartenders, distilleries, and breweries have discovered that they can actually package their recipes in cans or bottles for people to drink at home and on the go, and consumers have caught on. The beauty of these canned drinks is that they favour socialising, which means you can spend more time having fun in the sun. With more choice than ever before, superb quality and social media friendly packaging, we say do try this at home.


Packing for a picnic is always a bit nervy. Have you remembered everything? Got the salt and pepper? Are the sandwiches properly packed? For God’s sake, have you remembered the corkscrew? Adding a shaker, ice, bottles of gin, tonic and other mixers just seems like an unnecessary hassle. So we like to get our pre-lunch drinks fix with Greenall’s Wild Berry Pink Gin and Tonic - perfect for boozy afternoons spent in the park.


If you’re anything like us then you’ll agree: half the fun of summer is outdoor drinking. There’s no better feeling than cracking open a cold beer on the beach or enjoying that first glass of rosé. But summer drinking should be simple drinking  - even for cocktail geeks like us. So what to do if we want to enjoy a Basil Smash in the sun? Canned cocktails baby. Take from fridge to cooler to beach. Zero effort required.


Sunny days in the UK are a cause for celebration. On the rare occasions that the sun is actually hot enough for a pool party in the UK, we guarantee you don’t want to be faffing around with shakers and jiggers, worrying about mixing the perfect Negroni. The answer is as simple as Gin and Tonic. Buy a few cans of pre-mixed cocktails (Neat and Shaken even deliver right to your door), stick them in the fridge or cooler and hey presto - more time for you to spend enjoying the unpredictable British weather. 


Yes, we said it. Pre-mixed cocktails are gaining ground in the bar world. And it’s not the aberration you think it might be. By offering clients cocktails from a can, instead of mixing in front of their eyes, bartenders are in fact offering a better service. Drinks are poured with precision, ratios are far better controlled and it reaches us that much faster. And that’s a big win in our gin game.


Few things are more refreshing on a hot festival day than a classic gin and tonic. It's not often you'll find expertly crafted cocktails at a festival, but that's exactly what is being offered at Pub in the Park. Held throughout the UK from May to September 2022, the event brings immersive pub experiences to the masses, including pop up award-winning restaurants, foot-stomping live music, incredible chefs, artisanal shopping, and of course brilliant bars serving top-notch Greenall’s cocktails straight from the tin. Crack open a can, kick back and enjoy.