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19 Crimes The Vanished Spiced Rum
Spiced Rum
19 Crimes The Vanished Spiced Rum
The new 19 Crimes Spiced Rum is a tropical spiced rum that highlights the flavours of tropical fruits, with aromas of mango and pineapple, complemented by notes of caramel, molasses, and a hint of vanilla. The Vanished is inspired by...

About Our Rums

At Neat & Shaken, we pride ourselves on curating a diverse selection of premium rums that are quickly gaining recognition across the spirits community. Our carefully sourced range features an array of exquisite flavours that cater to both seasoned rum aficionados and those new to the spirit. With the vibrant and playful Caribbean blends in our collection of rums, we promise to captivate and delight.
What sets our rums apart is their exceptional quality, ensuring a true expression of flavour in every sip. Many of them have garnered prestigious awards, affirming their excellence in the world of spirits. Whether you're hosting a soirée with friends, indulging in a classic rum and coke, or simply savouring life's moments, we guarantee there's a rum in our catalogue perfectly suited to your palate.

A Flavourful Journey

From savouring a tantalising Cuba Libre to channelling your inner Hemingway with a Daiquiri, our rums promise an unforgettable journey through the depths of flavour. Elevate timeless cocktails with our signature blends, or explore the nuanced profiles of our traditional Caribbean rums, a true testament to the art of sipping.

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We understand that there are countless options when it comes to purchasing spirits online. As a token of appreciation to our valued customers, we not only offer complimentary shipping on orders above £100 (mainland UK only) but also include delightful surprises with every purchase. From complimentary gifts to a 10% discount on purchases of six bottles or more (certain conditions apply) and a host of other perks, at Neat & Shaken, we're dedicated to ensuring your rum-buying experience is nothing short of extraordinary!

For quality spirits and pioneering brands, Neat & Shaken is the answer.

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