Terms of Use: Loyalty Program

The Neat & Shaken members’ club and loyalty program ("Loyalty Program") is found at neatandshaken.com (“Neat & Shaken”). Neat & Shaken is managed by G&J Distillers Ltd, a company registered in England & Wales under company number 07604280, registered office at Distribution Point Melbury Park Clayton Road, Birchwood, Warrington, Cheshire, WA3 6PH.

When a customer creates an account and/or purchase item(s) at Neat & Shaken, they automatically become a member of the Loyalty Program (“Member”). A Member may accumulate points, gift vouchers, advantages, reserved offers, discounts, and promotional offers on Neat & Shaken products third party partner products and services (“Benefits”). Participation in the Loyalty Program is subject to the Neat & Shaken Terms of Use, Terms of Sale, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.
There is no cost or annual fee to join the Loyalty Program.
The Loyalty Program is only available to customers of the legal drinking age. Neat & Shaken reserves the right to request any document to prove the customer is of legal drinking age. If found to be under the legal drinking age, the customer will be barred from creating an account, making a purchase, and/or becoming a Member. If the customer is already a Member, their membership will be immediately terminated, and all Benefits revoked.

3.1 Membership Status and Rules
The Loyalty Program is reserved for Neat & Shaken customers. A customer will be enrolled as a Member of the Loyalty Program when they register for an account and/or purchase any products on Neat & Shaken by providing their details in the subscription form. A Member will start to accumulate points as soon as their account is created unless the Member decides not to join to Loyalty Program (see clause 2.2 below for more details on opting out).
By participating in the Loyalty Program, the Member agrees to use the Loyalty Program in accordance with these Terms.
The Loyalty Program Benefits are for individual Members for their own and non-commercial use. Benefits cannot be transferred or exchanged for cash. Benefits cannot be combined with other current promotional offers on Neat & Shaken.
There can only be one Member account per customer, and Benefits from different accounts cannot be combined. If duplicate accounts are created under the Loyalty Program, any Benefits will only be counted once within a single account and the superfluous Member account(s) will be deleted, along with any duplicate and/or additional Benefits at the sole discretion of Neat & Shaken.
Neat & Shaken reserves the right to carry out any checks to verify the validity of any Member account. At any time, the Member can go to their account page of Neat & Shaken to update their details.
Benefits are time limited, meaning that a Benefit will only last for twelve months from the date the Benefit accrued. If a Benefit is not used within twelve months, such Benefit will expire.
If a Member requests a refund, Neat & Shaken reserves the right to withdraw any Benefits earned on the relevant transaction.
3.2 Opting out of the Loyalty Program
Members may opt out of the Neat & Shaken Loyalty Program at any time. This can be done on the Member’s account page, by clicking on an ‘opt out’ email link in any Member email, or by contacting Neat & Shaken at info@neatandshaken.com. By opting out, a Member will forfeit any accumulated Benefits which will not be restored should the customer decide to become a Member again. 

Benefits which may be obtained from the Loyalty Program are outlined below, which include (but are not limited to):

  • 25 points when creating an account at Neat & Shaken
  • 1 point per British Pound spent at Neat & Shaken
  • 50 points per review left on Neat & Shaken
  • 300 points for recommending Neat & Shaken to a friend
  • 50 points for following Neat & Shaken on Instagram or Facebook
  • 100 points on the Member's birthday
(When a birthday occurs within 30 days of the start of the Member joining the Loyalty Program, the Member will be credited within 30 days).
Benefits in the form of redeemable points are calculated as follows:
  • £5 = 150 points, when spending £29 or more
  • £10 = 300 points, when spending £49 or more
  • £15 = 450 points, when spending £69 or more
  • £30 = 900 points, when spending £89 or more

A Benefit is redeemable by a Member at checkout. The number of Benefits redeemable per transaction may be limited to comply with applicable laws and industry regulations.

Neat & Shaken collects personal data about the Member in terms of the Neat & Shaken Personal Data Policy and Cookies Policy. A Member can review and modify their details by going to their account page. A Member can also exercise their legal rights in relation to their personal data as set out in the Neat & Shaken Privacy Policy.

If the Member does not make any purchase using their Benefits for a period of 12 months from the date the Benefit accrued and/or Member account was created, the Benefits will expire and be forfeited. The Member must comply with these Terms along with the Terms of Use. Neat & Shaken reserve the right to suspend or permanently deactivate an account and/or cancel any Benefits in the event of any suspected or actual violation of these Terms or the Terms of Use, including (but not limited to) the below prohibited activities (actual or suspected):

  • fraud or attempted fraud;
  • inappropriate use or misappropriation of the Loyalty Program;
  • acts likely to disrupt the operation of Neat & Shaken or the Loyalty Program;
  • abnormally high number of transactions or purchases on the same day or over several days;
  • a failed transaction and/or other non-payment incident on Neat & Shaken which is not rectified within one month from the date of the attempted purchase;
  • non-compliance with these Terms, Terms of Use, or Terms of Sale.
The Member will be notified of any suspension or deactivation and won’t be able to claim any compensation for forfeited Benefits.


Neat & Shaken will not be liable (whether indirect or direct) for any consequences, loss including loss of data, damages, claims, malfunction, error, third party intrusion, theft, or default on Neat & Shaken or the Loyalty Program. In the event of any of the foregoing, Neat & Shaken will use reasonable efforts to restore any lost Benefits.

Neat & Shaken reserves the right to modify these Terms and will update them here accordingly. Neat & Shaken reserves the right to send personalized offers to any Members in its’ sole and absolute discretion, provided the Member has not opted out in any way from this type of communication. Neat & Shaken reserves the right to modify, suspend, or terminate the Loyalty Program. Members will be informed of any changes in this regard by email. Neat & Shaken cannot guarantee that Members will be able to use any Benefits if the Loyalty Program is modified, suspended, or terminated. No termination, suspension, or modification of the Loyalty Program will give any Member the right to compensation of any Benefits. Neat & Shaken has the right to decide, in its absolute discretion, how and when to offer Benefits on the Loyalty Program (subject to applicable laws and regulations).

These Terms and all transactions relating to the Loyalty Program are governed by the laws of England and Wales and are subject to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales, except in cases where the customer or Member lives in Scotland or Northern Ireland and laws other than those of England and Wales must apply by operation of applicable law. Neat & Shaken do not accept amendments to these Terms and any variations to these Terms. A customer or Member may not transfer any rights or obligations under these Terms to another person without the prior written consent of Neat & Shaken. Neat & Shaken can transfer all or any part of these Terms to another organisation but a customer or Member’s rights  under these Terms will not be affected. If, at any time, Neat & Shaken do not require a customer or Member to comply with any part of these Terms, this will not prevent Neat & Shaken from doing so in the future. If any part of these Terms is disallowed or held to be ineffective by any court or other competent body, the rest of the Terms will not be affected.