5 Bucket List Ideas for Summer 2022

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Ever since Will Smith jumped out of a helicopter into the Grand Canyon on his 50th birthday, we have looked at our life goals a little differently. Smith claimed the act was “on his bucket list”, which got us thinking … If having a list of things to do before you “kick the bucket” is cool enough for one of the world’s biggest superstars, then it’s certainly cool enough for us.After a quick chat in the Neat & Shaken office, we’ve compiled a list of bucket-list must do's to start this summer. Note that nothing on this list is automatic. Everything you do comes down to the choices you make, the chances you take and the courage you are willing to show. If, like Mr Smith, you want to go far outside of your comfort zone and hurl yourself into the ether, then go on! The trick is choosing to experience them all that way and living to tell the tale. So come on! If not now, then when?Here are our top five things to put on your list for summer 2022.

1. Go Travelling

Life is an adventure, right? Right. So make travel the number one thing that you need to do this summer. After two years of restrictions, bubbles, PCR tests and vaccinations a plenty, we are over the moon at the prospect of getting on a plane again. Even if you can’t manage to get to the far-flung islands of the South Pacific or trekking in Nepal, remember that homegrown journeys are just as worthwhile. Why not take a road trip from Lands End to John O’Graots? Load up the car, fill the boot with some Bloom ready-to-drink cocktails and away you go!

2. Go to a Festival

Live music is back with a bang so why not let loose at a festival? Dance to your favourite bands, spend quality time with the people you came with (please don’t get lost and end up in a field alone in Somerset) and yes, splash the cash and stay in the glampsite. Festivals have become the nation’s favourite summer pastime, so even if you have missed the Glastonbury ballot, there is tons of music and mud related stuff going on all over the country.

3. Train for a Marathon

Ok, so this one will take a bit more planning than the others, but come on, running a marathon is right up there with off-roading and climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. Not only does all that training give you an opportunity to invest in some wicked-looking kit, but it will do wonders for your Tinder profile. Even better, you’ll look great, feel smug and rack up some serious charity donations. And, you can impress your friends with your training session tales over Friday night drinks. Win-win!

4. Swim with Sharks

Really, we wanted to say dolphins, because who doesn’t want a bucket list peck from a cheery bottlenose, but we think every animal cruelty association would have issues with the ethics of this. Sharks however are not the world’s tamest fish and are generally only available to swim with in the wild. So make this summer the year that you have a life-affirming brush with death and a wonderful wildlife experience all rolled in one. Plus, their reputation is that they’re mean and scary, so you’ll earn a few macho points while you’re at it. Just don’t watch Jaws before you go.

5. Do something that scares you

Nothing makes us feel more alive than stepping out of our comfort zone and facing up to our biggest fears. We don’t all have to bungee jump out of a helicopter, but if you have a thing that is gnawing at the back of your mind, now is the time to do it. So resign if that’s what you want to do. Start writing that book. Have a threesome. Drive a Formula 1 car. If it’s on your list, then it’s got to be done. No regrets.