Get Ready for World Gin Day!

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Clear your diaries, turn off your phone and cancel your Sky Sports subscription because it’s finally here! World Gin Day has arrived and this year it looks set to be a goodie. After a couple of years of scaled-down festivities and virtual tastings, this year World Gin Day has returned with a bang. Taking place in over 30 countries on 11th June, this global celebration of the world’s favourite spirit will give gin lovers a chance to raise a glass to their favourite spirit. As if we needed another excuse!Organised by the Gin Monkey - aka Emma Stokes, the event was originally the brainchild of Neil Houston, who in 2009, decided that the world needed a reason to drink even more gin cocktails. Emma took the event over a few years later and, under her steerage, World Gin Day has become a global phenomenon with over 200 million followers on social media - yes, really. Not too bad at all for an idea that started life in a pub in Birmingham!The event is always held on the second Saturday of June, and this year brands, bars and distilleries everywhere have jumped on the bandwagon admirably. Just check out the World Gin Day website and you’ll find hundreds of events taking place both virtually and this year (hooray!) physically all over the place. And, yes, we know that no one wants to go back to the dark days of Zoom happy hours, but before you pooh pooh the idea of online gin tastings, just imagine … a virtual space where gin lovers from all over the world join each other in saying cheers from the comfort of their own homes. We have already booked our spots for visiting a few out of town distilleries online, hoping for a sneak peak at some of their behind the scenes magic.However, we are out of the dark days of lockdown so let’s not be too hasty in shutting down the joy of all being together this 11th June to drink, celebrate and perhaps even make a bit of gin. We’ve already planned a post-Jubilee office party with the good people at Bloom and Greenall's, who have promised to share their delicious gins with us for a tasting session extraordinaire. Ophir’s spicy gins will definitely make an appearance too for an exclusive cocktail making session, so we are getting ready to enjoy some of the tastiest (and, hopefully, best made) Gin and Tonics to have ever tickled our tastebuds.If you want to plan your own gin sling, all events and ideas are welcome at World Gin Day. Just make sure they are inclusive, provide value to gin-thusiasts everywhere and are a creative celebration to the juniper spirit that tastes so good (that last one was from us, but you get the idea). Bottoms up!If you want to celebrate World Gin Day but don’t fancy messing around with bottles of London Dry and garnishes, don’t worry. We have a fantastic ready to drink range that will give your picnic, party or pool day a bit of pizzazz!