She’s the woman who taught you to eat, she put up with your teenage shenanigans and she loves you unconditionally. She’s there when you need her, hopefully not when you don’t and is the reason that you have become fully functioning adults and not sociopathic nightmares. Who do we mean? Of course we’re talking about mum.

Mother’s Day means one thing – and that’s mummy pampering from dawn to dusk. And after the past couple of years, we think our mums could really do with a special treat.

With the national day of honouring the ladies who raised us (as well as any new mothers, adoptive mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, absent mothers, single mothers and women who don’t have children, but have been a mum to my kids many times) just around the corner, let’s make this Mother’s Day the best in a long time. 

So, if you’re stuck not knowing what to get the number 1 lady in your life, where better to look than this handy comprehensive gift guide, compiled of our favourite mum-friendly products. From the best cocktail sets that will have her mixing like a pro, to perfect bottles of gin that will revolutionise her pre-dinner snifter, to sexy samplers she'll wax lyrical about all year long, our gift guide is here to make this Mother's Day a very special one indeed. Mum’s the word, indeed. 

Cocktail sets that will leave her shaken not stirred

BLOOM London Dry with a Cocktail Making Set

Bloom Gin is storming ahead with its unique brand of female-forward gins. With an all-female staff and a female master distiller, these girls know a thing or two about the power of the female collective. This luxury cocktail set can be relied upon to inject a little glamour into Mum’s social calendar. Includes a 70cl bottle of Bloom London Dry gin, a rose gold hammered cocktail shaker, a measuring jigger, and a cocktail bar spoon, we’re sure you’ll be swooning over sumptuous mum-made cocktails by dinner time.

Greenall’s Wild Berry Gin with Glass and Jigger

Premium in look and quality in taste, Greenhall’s Wild Berry is the perfect gift for any mum that loves her gin. The naturally infused gin take their original London Dry Gin recipe and give it a glow-up by adding real blackberries and raspberries. The result? A smooth gin that balances juniper and fruit, without the addition of sugar or sweetener. Comes with a measure jigger and a branded glass, this lovely gift set will have your mum sipping fruity gin cocktails on the canape all year round. 

Greenall’s London Dry Gin with Glass and Jigger

If your mother likes a sneaky G&T come the weekend, then this alcoholic gift will leave her thirsty for more. This gift set includes a 70 cl bottle of classic, crisp Greenhall’s Original London Dry Gin as well as a measuring jigger and glass that will make sure she gets the perfect pour time after time. Greenhall’s blends their eight botanicals in such perfect harmony that it’s for good reason that it has been an award winner at the International Spirits Challange no fewer than three times.

Gift sets with accessories to match

BLOOM Jasmine & Rose Gin with 2 Metal Straws

Get mum sipping in style with this limited edition Jasmine and Rose premium gift set from BLOOM. The yummy classic London Dry gin smoothes off the edges by infusing real Moroccan rose petals and East Asian jasmine flowers to its recipe. Two metals straws will add a little bit of class to her glass when she serves up one of her famous G&Ts.

Opihr Spices of the Orient Gin with Globe Glass

If you want to spice up your mother’s life, then why not introduce her to Opihr Gin? Made for mums that have wanderlust in their eyes, this gift set includes a 70cl bottle of Ophir Oriental Spiced Gin plus a beautifully crafted globe glass etched with a map of the Ancient Spice Route. Ophir Spices of the Orient is a London Dry that has been combined with spices found on the original spice route (think cubeb berries from Indonesia, tellicherry black pepper and cardamom from India, and coriander from Morocco).

Opihr (all editions) with Travel Mug

Remind your mum about the time she backpacked through India before you were born with one of Ophir’s range of gins. These limited edition 70 cl bottles come in three fancy flavours: An intense citrus and spicy Arabian Edition, a bold European Edition and a warming and earthy Far East Edition. The beautifully branded travel mug will give her a chance to upgrade her cupboard collection. 

Bloom London Dry Gin with Copa Glass

We know it’s what is on the inside that counts, but look at the packaging! This beautiful gift box will have mum watching the clock for the sun to dip over the yardarm. Containing a 70 cl bottle of BLOOM Original London Dry Gin and a branded Copa glass, this gorgeous gift set is more than stylish enough to sit on her drinks trolley.

Gift Boxes that Put the Win in Gin

If Mother’s Day around your place is all about gin cocktails and a nice lunch out, then we think these gift boxes will be just the tonic. We have four fabulous and beautifully packaged, limited edition gins on, so this year, make mum proud. 

We love our classic gin cocktails, so we particularly love Bloom’s Original London Dry when it comes to gift-giving. But if your mum is a girly girl, can we suggest you splash out on the Jasmine and Rose version? The pink gin is infused with real rose petals and jasmine flowers, and will be a welcome reminder that spring is supposedly on its way. 

If mum is a bit more of a traditionalist, we think you can’t go wrong with anything Greenall’s. Make mum go tipsy with pleasure with either the London Dry, which channels the best of British, or the Wild Berry (or pink perfection as we like to call it) made from real blackberries and raspberries. Both come in a groovy union flag gift box and make your present so much easier to wrap than a bunch of flowers. 

Sexy samples for the Mum who can’t decide

By now you’ve realised that we love our gin in the extended Neat & Shaken family. If you can’t decide what bottle or gift set to get for your mother come this Mother’s Day then let us give you the easy option: taster sets! Ophir’s sample set takes three of their great gins - the Far East Edition, the Arabian Edition and the European Edition -  and reduces them to miniature for a literal taste of their travelling spirit. 

Whether you're together or not this Mother’s Day, isn’t it time you raise a glass and celebrate mums everywhere. Thanks ladies, we are who we are because of you. 

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